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History of Adoption

Adoption is the process whereby an individual assumes the parenting role of a child from his/her biological or legal parent(s), and in effect, transfers all the rights and responsibilities from the biological/legal parents.

Unlike guardianship, the intention of adoption is to effect permanent change in status, and therefore requires recognition from the society, and this can be through religious or legal sanction.

In ancient times, some societies had put in place specific laws to govern adoption, while others achieved adoption through means that were less formal, notably through contracts/agreements that specified rights of inheritance and parenting responsibilities and roles, without necessarily an accompanying transfer of filiations.

However, most of the modern systems of adoption are governed by comprehensive and strict statutes and regulations.

Modern/Contemporary forms of adoption

Open adoption: This is a form of adoption which allows the identification of information which is to be communicated between the biological and the adoptive parents and, probably, contact between the adopted person and the kin. Closed/confidential/secret adoption: This kind of adoption seals/secures all identifying information, maintains it as secret, and prevents the disclosure of the identities of the adoptee, the adoptive parents, and the relatives. However, it allows transmittal of information such as ethnic and religious background, and medical history.

Unrelated adoptions

Adoptions can take place between unrelated people, or related family members.

The following are ways through which unrelated adoptions may occur:

  • Embryo Adoption; involves donation of an embryo after a woman’s in vitro fertilization treatment is complete, and then the embryo is transferred to the recipients uterus, so as to facilitate pregnancy.
  • Private domestic adoption; this is whereby charities or NGOs act as intermediaries, and bring together adoptive parents, and the families giving out the children.
  • Foster care adoption; this is a form of domestic adoption whereby the child is first placed in public care. International adoption: involves placing of the child for adoption outside that child’s country of birth.
  • Common law adoption; this is whereby parents, without referring to any legal process, leave the child under the care of a friend or relative, for a very long period of time.

Termination of adoption

The process of terminating an adoption can be initiated by the adoptive parents through a court petition.

Studies conducted in the USA indicate that almost 25% of adoptions terminate even before they are legally finalized.

How to React to Minor in Possession Charges

Driving under influence (DUI) is criminal offense that is charged to people who are found behind the wheels when their level of intoxication if beyond what is allowed by the law. Minor in possession (MIP) is just like DUI, but now for kids. The difference between MIP and DUI is that for kids (those below the age that is acceptable by the law to use any or be in possession of any form of drug) there is no level of intoxication. A kid who is found to posses any form of drug, to have used or looks and acts like someone who has been intoxicated, he or she is immediately arrested and charged with minor in possession. Click here to see other circumstances that can lead to MIP charges.

Different states have varying penalties for kids who are charged with minor in possession. There are those states that will punish these minor offenders with the full hand of the law. And there those states that will just make the underage enroll for a full rehabilitation program as a punishment. The laws in various states indicates the amount of money that the child should pay in case found guilty and the number of days in case of a jail sentence. The underage may also have his license suspended to a period of up to one year. Go online to see the various punishments that your child stands to face in case found guilty.

When a child is arrested with minor in possession offense, it can be a very devastation situation for the parent. But as a parent, do you know that you can reduce the severity of the punishment of even make the court drop the charges? Yes. Hiring the service of an attorney who is well trained and experienced in cases relating to minor in possession charges can help you trough. Go online to see the list of law firms from where you can hire the best minor in possession attorneys.

Enforcing Child Support

It is usually very difficult to collect child support payments especially if the person expected to make the necessary payments defaults. On the other hand the filling of and submission of the same forms is usually an involving process considering it usually includes working with an attorney to comply with all the legal requirements as stipulated by law.

Below is an overview of some of the common approaches taken as far as the recovery of child support is concerned. They include:

  • Garnishing wages of the defaulting party for a lump sum payment
  • Withholding of wages to guarantee monthly payments.
  • Proper inception of tax returns
  • Seizure of assets

It is interesting to note that of all the above mentioned methods, garnishing of wages is by far the most commonly used and preferred approach to collect child support payments. What usually happens is, the employer deducts the amount expected as child support in advance and then sends it over to the child’s caregiver.

Apart from the above, seizure of or levying of taxes on assets such as bank accounts, valuable automobile or mutual fund investments are other options to the recovery of child support payments. Family attorneys have vast experience in following up on such issues; hence you should not worry about the legal complications likely to arise as a result.

In fact, even if the parent being looked upon to make the payment goes missing, the family attorney will be able to help find him/her. This goes a long way in helping save on costs which would have been used to hire a private investigator to trace the parent whom financial support for the affected child or children is expected. What’s more, presently, there are strict penalties for parents who are reported to be guilty of defaulting on child support. For more details concerning child support claims feel free to visit this website.

An Attorney Should Always Be Involved In The Adoption Process

The adoption process should be handled by an attorney because the laws that govern this subject are complicated. If they are not followed to the letter, then the adoption could be set aside by the court on a petition from one of the birth parents. Many people attempt to arrange private adoptions by dealing directly with the birth mother. This is a precarious process without the benefit of legal counsel. Click here for more information.

Even adopting through a licensed child welfare agency can be a problem if the correct documents are not executed. The agency must make sure that the parental rights have been legally terminated and that any time delay required after termination is followed by the agency. Agency adoptions may be in compliance with the law but, the adopting family should still have an experienced attorney review all of the records regarding termination of parental rights. The authorization for the adoptive parents to make the child their child should also be reviewed. Visit this website for more details.

There are many cases where a couple have arranged with a woman to give her child to the couple. Go online to learn about these adoptions. However, legally binding paperwork has been ignored. The couple has usually paid a considerable sum of money to the woman and, they believe this money will make the adoption a certainty. Sometimes a couple wants a child so bad they will do anything. Perhaps they could not be approved by an adoption agency so they seek alternative ways and often ways that are not legal. An adoption that is arranged like this can come unraveled at any time. This is really a precarious process that should be discussed with an attorney experienced in all adoptions.

Adopting a foreign born child through an agency that specializes in these adoptions is another route that people take. While most of these agencies are experienced and follow the immigration laws, there are some who don’t. These agencies go into the poor rural areas and buy babies from parents who need money badly. Make sure you have an attorney reviewing all of the documents.

Minor in Possession-How to Overcome

In US, the law forbids any individual below the age of 21 years to consume, buy or be in possession of alcohol. However, at 18 years, many young people feel that they are mature enough to do anything they like with their lives. This feeling has lead many young people into being arraigned in court for MIP (Minor in Possession). While it is a law that is often gone against, it is vigorously enforced and can lead to a harsh penalty to the offender. Read here to see how you should respond when apprehended.

MIP as it sounds, it means that if you are below 21 and be found to have consumed a beverage with alcohol, possess it in your fridge, car or just in your bag, you can be charge with a criminal offense. One of the ways that police use to catch the culprits is through the breath test; other ways include searching the bag, room or the car of the suspect.

Different states have varying penalties to the individuals found guilty of MIP. The MIP is usually referred to as misdemeanor. For the first offender, the fine is $100 with no jail term. Although this fine may seem small, it usually has bad future implications to the convicted- for instance, the conviction is placed on your criminal history forever as well on your driving license. The penalties for the second and the subsequent MIP are usually more harsh. Click here to read the penalties for the subsequent MIP offenses.

As a parent of the young individual, you are highly advised to seek the services of an attorney specialized in dealing with MIP cases imediately. This is very important as it will guide you on the next step that you should take. The services of a competent Minor in possession attorney can help your child from facing the cruel consequences that comes with being convicted with such an offense. Click here to visit Gray, Granberry, & Jones to see the list of the competent MIP attorneys that you can contact in your state.




Why Hiring an Accident Lawyer is a Good Idea

Everyday hundreds of accidents occur all over the United States. Year after year accidents are in the top five causes of death in the US among cancer and heart disease. The truth is that no one wants to be involved in a car accident, but when it happens it is always a good idea to find a reputable attorney who can fight for your rights.

Most people get into a state of shock after an automobile accident, especially if a family member or loved one was killed in the incident. In the following weeks after the accident the family will have to deal with many different things such as giving detail accounts to the police, arrange funeral services and so on. The last thing anyone wants to do in those hard weeks is having to deal with intense insurance negotiations.

It is always recommended that you find a trustworthy attorney in your area who will be able to fight aggressively with the insurance companies to get the compensation your family needs for the hardship endured. Click Here to visit our website with more information about our experienced attorneys.

Insurance companies’ main objective is to pay as little as possible to the family members of a person involved in a car or trucking accident. An experience attorney will be able to demonstrate all the hardship caused by the death of the person, both psychological and economical to get the highest compensation needed. The attorney will also ensure that the insurance claim also gets processed in a timely manner and does not sit on a desk for weeks or even months. All the paperwork of hospital and police records will be handled by the attorney’s office so the family won’t have to deal with any of that. For more information follow this link to our website.


Wrongful Death Charges Can Ruin A Person’s Career

Wrongful death charges can be complex. You want to be able to find the right legal team to help you through this problem if you are facing liability in a wrongful death case. Click here in order to find a legal team that can help you read and understand different toxicology reports. The toxicology reports can certainly give a person an idea about whether something was ingested by a person, causing their death. It is important to visit this site and see whether a legal team can help you with the different issues that may revolve around a medication. An overdose is often the cause of many wrongful deaths.  Visit Judson Sutherland’s website.

Physicians need to go online in order to protect themselves during a wrongful death lawsuit. Surgeons are often named in a number of wrongful death lawsuits. Click here and go to this website if you are a surgeon that could be named in a wrongful death suit. The wrongful death suit could ruin someone’s medical career. Medical careers are something that need to be protected, particularly if we are talking about a skilled and compassionate surgeon. There are wrongful death charges that can be quickly dismissed, but there are also companies that face years of litigation regarding these types of cases.

Definitions do matter in these high priority legal cases. The wrongful death charge is something that a company will fight for a very long time, you have to be able to figure out whether a company was truly negligent for an industrial accident. The industrial accident can certain lead to a lot of bad press for a company, this is why they want to hire an attorney in order to fight the charges. Visit this website if you are a part of an executive team that may be looking at a wrongful death case.

Tips to Finding a Good Personal Injury Attorney

If you or someone close to you has suffered some personal injury, you will probably need to seek the help of a personal injury attorney. It is imprudent to entrust your claim to an attorney whose credentials, track record, skill and experience is unknown to you. Finding a qualified personal attorney to handle your case will increase your chances of winning the claim.

Finding a good personal injury attorney

There are many avenues that you can explore in finding a good personal attorney to handle your case. Below are some ways by which you can find an experienced personal injury attorney.

  1. Family and friend referrals

This is a great way of finding a good personal injury lawyer because it will help you save on precious time and ensure that you reduce the chances of falling for a quack. Your friends and family members will hardly refer you to some quacks, matter of fact; they will endeavor to refer you to the best attorney in town.

  1. Directories

There are numerous online directories where you can get verified information on the best personal injury attorneys. Attorneys have websites where their previous and current clients give their honest review of the services they received from the lawyer. You will gain a lot of insight when you visit this website.

  1. Members of the bar

This is yet another source of information for good personal injury attorneys. The list members of the bar entail lawyers of good repute. Any personal lawyer who has been admitted to the bar must be very good in his or her trade. Different lawyers associations maintain a list of their members in their members in their websites. You can read more online to find a good personal attorney for your claim.

This list is not conclusive; however, these are some of the main ways that you can follow in your search for a good personal injury lawyer. Feel free to click here for more information on how to find a good personal injury lawyer in your area.

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All That You Need to Know About Drug Charges

Both federal and state level deal with drug charges extremely seriously. There are certain drugs which are considered illegal and restricted at both state and federal levels. These include methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, club drugs, cocaine and more. The conviction of drug charges can range from tough sentences, including prison times. Apart from this, prosecutors sometimes offer plea deals to lessen the punishment, in exchange for some kind of help in a large case. There are even some states which have rules for medical marijuana, allowing doctors to prescribe it for certain cases only, while exempting patients from getting into marijuana related drug charges. Want to read more, click here.

Most drug cases handled at state, federal and local level includes manufacturing or cultivation, trafficking and or distribution as well as possession of illegal substance. The state and federal laws apply to manufacturing and cultivation of certain drugs. Cultivation generally refers to producing, growing or processing certain illegal substances. Manufacturing again refers to the production or creation of illegal drugs in a laboratory. Drugs such as meth, LSD and cocaine are considered illegally manufactured drugs. Want to know more? Go online.

Even though these drug charges appear similar, there some things you need to know. When someone is accused of illegally selling, providing or delivering these substances, they are also charged with distribution. Importantly, illegal distribution of these illegal drugs results in charge of trafficking. Considering state and local laws, possession of the illegal substance is the most common criminal charge.

However, there are various types of possession drug charges. For instance, possession of illegal drugs without prescription is simple possession, where the accused has no intent of distribution. Possession charges are mainly of two types- constructive or actual. In case of constructive case, if the individual controls the location or has access to where the drugs are kept, they can be charged even if they don’t have the drugs.